such vagaries of motion as our thoughts provide

and all the mysteries thereof

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we laughing sinners
Washington, D.C., Dist. of Columbia, United States
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Brearley School - New York NY (1995 - 1998)
American University - Washington DC (1998 - 2000)
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I never know what to put for these things...

I'm in my late twenties (as well as in denial about my impending thirties). I live and work in the middle of Washington, D.C., and am of the firm opinion that life isn't quite as interesting anywhere else.

I'm a political consultant, which can be sort of a catch-all title. In my case, it means a combination of planning campaign strategies, doing the odd bit of damage control, and writing speeches and public statements. It's interesting work and I enjoy it a great deal, especially now. I've gotten to do a lot of traveling lately, which I enjoy. I also do some writing on my own, and hope someday to be a published novelist. I'm also engaged to a beautiful, talented woman, and we're going to Massachusetts to get married sometime next December.

I've been reading fanfic since 1998, though I just started posting my own fic a year or so ago. My first fandom was the X-Files; my first ship, Mulder/Krycek. The list has since expanded to include Highlander, Buffy, Harry Potter, Good Omens, and many, many others. I'm particularly fond of clever, well-written crossovers, good AU fics, and any sort of fanfic that explores neglected areas of a fictional universe. I started in and prefer slash, but have been known to read and enjoy both het and gen as well. In fact, I will read almost anything provided that it is well-written and interesting. (This applies to books as well, and I'm almost always about halfway through three or four of them.)

If you want to friend me, feel free -- just be aware that I'll most likely get curious and check out your journal, as well as friending you back. (Some of the fic herein is friends-locked.)

Also -- some of the content of this journal is inappropriate for minors, and I do forget to put ratings and warnings on things from time to time.

Another warning -- I'm Jewish, liberal, and very politically outspoken. I support gay rights, gun control, a woman's right to choose, and the impeachment of George W. Bush. I'm more than willing to discuss my views with anyone, including people who disagree with them -- but I'm not interested in name-calling or mud-slinging. I take politics very seriously, and believe that it merits serious discussion.

This week, I'm listening to...Beethoven, the Buzzcocks, Vera Lynn, and Maurice Chevalier.

...and I'm reading: Trojan Gold, by Elizabeth Peters; Making Money, by Terry Pratchett; White Eagles Over Serbia, by Lawrence Durrell, and Inside the Third Reich, by Albert Speer.
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